Superhero Card Deck

The 10 keys to a successful job interview!

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It has never been possible to have all the information you need to prepare for a job interview in one hand or on your smartphone.

The experience from over 1000 job interviews as well as several hundred participants in workshops and lectures concentrated in one card set.

  • 28 cards
  • 10 key cards (all important phases in a job interview)
  • 10 idea cards (e.g. how do you get into the conversation perfectly or what answers do you give to "typical" questions)
  • 4 method cards with
  • 1 extra tip card (which can easily bring you $1200 more salary per year with just one sentence)
  • Download immediately via PDF
  • Comes in 2 formats (for printing and cutting out the cards and for your smartphone)

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“I used the Superhero cards to prepare for my last job interview. Everything turned out just as I planned with the cards!"

Jessica P.


"With the help of your cards, I was able to have a structured conversation!
I felt safe and comfortable and I always had a ready answer to the questions.
The cards are awesome!"

Timea K.